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Part 1



Birdcage Repairs


As previously described in earlier updates the front of the birdcage (widscreen frame, door pillars and sill) were in very poor condition, i sourced replacement parts from CA in the US, i emailed the owner of the scrap yard with a drawing of what parts i needed and were the cuts should be made to help peice it back together using the best/strongest parts of the frame for re-welding.



I took lots of measurements of the front end triangulating the measurements where possible to give as many referance points as i could.









The front was cut away using the same points as the donor peice to help with alignment.


First job was to cut along the inner side of the sill to release the floor pans (which are in good condition).















The nearside sill and door pillar were cut away, the 'foot' on the front of the door pillar (body mount 1) was cut off the orgininal section and welded back to the new sill section, the new door pillars still had some of the sill in place, we decided that it would be easier to cut away the new sill and 'let in' the new section as the reinforcing straps would be difficult to remove and re-weld.



















The first section of sill in place, this was tack welded to the rear section and along the sill, the next step is to let in the new door pillar and tack in position, i used the measurements taken previously to make a measuring stick with a hole in one end (to align with body mount 3) and markings of mounts 1 & 2.




















The sill was cut to the shape of the door pillar base and tacked into place.


















The 'foot' was welded back onto the sill using measurements previously taken.


The distance between this and body mount 2/3 had to be withing a 2mm to ensure the body mounts lined up, there is approximately 5-6mm play in the mounts when aligning the body but the distance between the mounts has to be accurate.











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