C3-Corvette Restoration

Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 1



Body Work



With the clip and doors refitted and the body reunited with the chassis it was time to tackle the body work, with no experience in body work this was going to be very time consuming.








The top of the wing had been filled before to smooth the lines, i removed this filler and filled with new, this was to ensure the surface was dry and clean and good adhesion between the body and filler.



















The rear spoiler fitted is actually from a 79-83 style C3, the earlier models had the flat rear end, some later models had urethane nose and tail, these were prone to warping, my Vette had the fibreglass fin so filling and smoothing was alot easier.


The filler is to smooth the lines and make the join between the spoiler and body seamless.






















The doors were aligned and a scim of filler applied to smooth the lines, the door shut gaps were also checked as this is an important feature of Vette's which usually have poor gap uniformity.



The filler, once sanded back was a very thin layer but getting it right at this stage is crucial to the final finish.

























The rear door gaps and lines were also filled and smoothed with 80 grit paper on a wooden block.























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