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Part 1



Firewall Cleanup



Visiting shows and looking at proud owners displaying their engine bays and chrome dressup kits the one thing that struck me was the tatty finish to the firewall bonding that had 'ouzed' out during the manufacturing process.



To clean up the firewall insitu would be a difficult job, but fairly easy sat on my patio with access to all areas so i decided to remove the unwanted bonding, smooth the edges and paint.










The firewall showed signs that it had been removed before, i found damage to the top edge that rivets to the windscreen frame and on the edging bonding strips.


The steel 'shoes' that form part of mount 1 were also rusty and needed cleanong up.













I removed the larger bits of the old bonding with a shrp chisel then a 180 grit flatter wheel in my drill to smooth out down to the fibreglass.


Care was taken when getting down to the fibreglass, the bonding strips are only around 2-3mm thick so grinding through them would be quite easy, you can see the colour change when you get through the bonding towards the fibreglass.













Although not strickly part of the firewall the heater/AC housing was also cleaned up for a coat of paint at the same time.


The motor was tested cleaned up, and given a coat of POR15.















Body mount 1 consists of the front 'shoe' shaped bracket and a reinforcing plate behind, these are riveted in place with 5 ally rivets



















I drilled out the rivets, sandblasted the parts and painted with POR15.



















I used Sikaflex (a semi curing bonding sealant) on both sides before re-riveting back in place, the Sikaflex should prevent water getting behind the mounts, the mounts can barely be seen and are very difficult to get to once the firewall and clip are re-attached to the body so this was the only oppertunity to carry out this work.












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