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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 3



Body Mount Repairs




The next repair was the rear chassis mount, as described on the previous page, you can see the effect water and rust has had on the mount.









I cut away the top section and marked up a peice of 2.5mm steel plate, drilled out the hole for the mounting bolt with a hole saw and removed the burs.


















Welding the new peice in place along the inner and outer edges makes a good strong repair, both sides were completed in under 30mins, if only all repairs were that quick and easy?














The doors were in a very poor state, i could see rot all around the steel frame, i decided to remove the door skins to store and make stripping out the internal parts easier.










I used my paint stripping heat gun and warmed up the bonding, i used one chisel for cutting through the bonding and the other to hold the skin off the frame, the heat gun made quick work of removing the skins without any cracks or damage.

















It was clear at this stage that the steel frame was shot, so i stripped the internals and managed to salvage the window motors and tracks, the window regulators were also in poor condition and will have to be replaced. 





















Back to the internet to try and source replacements.














Next, the front clip strip, clean, paint and rebuild and repairs to fibreglass damage.








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