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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 1



Centre Console Gauges



I set the needles on the clock, volt gauge and fuel tank gauge, i still need to set/calibrate the oil and temp gaues, i peiced together the center console to see how it looked before final settings and bolt up.










Rear of the completed center console.
























Front view, the oil and temp needles still need setting.
























Console peiced together.


















Engine Fitting


The body will be off to the spray shop soon, i wanted to get the body on the chassis this time as the dolly wasn't up to being transported long distances which contributed to some minor damage last time.


Before the body is re-united with the chassis i wanted the engine and gearbox in along with the fuel tank, filter and electric pump mounted.







The new engine mounts were fitted and the engine lifted into position.


Due to the restrictions in my lean to type garage the chassis is sitting on earth making movement of the engine hoist impossible, so i moved the chassis to the hoist to lower the engine in place.


The engine stand mount was left attached as this was a useful lifting point for the rear of the engine.

















The chassis was rolled forward and the engine lowered into position, i fixed the engine mounting bolts and supported the engine on a jack and wooden block at the rear to remove the engine stand mount.


The next step was the flex plate.



















The hoist was re-attached to give me more flexability raising the engine to align the box, i also trust the hoist more than a trolley jack!



















The new flex plate was installed using APR bolts to ensure maximum strength, these were torqued up to 82lb/ft (this is lower if you use molly lube on the bolts).


















More engine and gearbox installation on teh next pages.






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