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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 2




Engine & Gearbox Installation


With the flexplate installed i fitted the starter motor next so i could check the clearances on the meshing gears, the gap between the outer point of the starter pinion and flexplate teeth should be 0.035" (the diametre of a standard paperclip) the tollerance is between 0.025" and 0.060".













I checked mine and it fell within the tollerance with no shimming required.





















With the flexplate and strter installed, the next step was to fit the torque converter, the torque converter (TC) is the same one removed when the gearbox was reconditioned, we are still unsure what the value of the converter is due to lack of number and identification markes on the TC, the six fixing points are welded to the casing and accept Mr Gasket TC bolts (3/8 x 1/2).


You can see by the pictures the TC looks heavy duty due to the external welding on each internal fin, the TC also measures in at approximately 13", this has been well flushed out and cleaned up and i'll be interested to test the value once we're up and running :)









TC bolted in place and torqued to 32lb/ft

























Another angle.

















The next step was the gearbox, this had been reconditioned by a friend, when we first opened the box we found that there had been some tweeking to the valve body, the box was obviously uprated by the previous owner as the stock gearbox for this engine and year was a TH350, this TH400 had a heavy duty TC and shifter kit installed along with other tweeks to the valve body, no wonder take off felt like being shot from a gun!












The location of the two ball bearings (more info on this to follow)




The internals all looked in good condition and would have continued to run fine if left untouched, but, as we are restoring the car, a full strip down was in order.






















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