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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 3




Engine & Gearbox Installation


Fitting the gearbox is really a two man job, they are bulky, heavy and hard to handle, but as it was late and i was alone (and stubborn) i moved the box closer ready for the final lift.










The box was rested on a support ready to be lifted into place.



















The casing looks great after a bead blast, new sump pan and sender unit.



This, fitted with the heavy duty clutch kit should be able to handle plenty of horses!


















The ID plate was even refitted to keep the box as original as possible (in appearance anyway :) ).






















With some huffin' and puffin', swearing and cursing the box was in place and bolted up, i just need to install the bolts into the rear mount.



The new oil cooler can be seen on the chassis, i need to find a safe home to install this, i plan to install a transmission temp and pressure sensor to gauges mounted on the firewall (under the bonnet lip) to allow constant monitoring of the gearbox environment.















Now the engine and gearbox are in place i turned my attention to the fuel tank, filter and electric pump, these require fitting before i refit the body, the 77' vette had a fuel tank shroud over the top (and the tank was installed with a bladder), this was due to earlier models bursting into flames when a rear shunt caused the tank to rupture, which would sting abit.  The shroud also helped prevent water and dirt being thrown up under the body around the rear quarter.









I placed the tank in place to check for clearance and where i could route the fuel line, the Holly pump and fuel filter can be seen under the chassis.



I wanted the pump and filter to sit in line with each other under the chassis, so i need to make some brackets to fix them securely.

















The new fuel filter from Chevymotors on ebay is capable of over 90 Gallons per hour and has 3/8 NPT fittings, the filter is 5" in length and 3 diamter, nice and compact and replacement elements are available.



I cut a peice of thick rubber to act as an insulator to the backet and chassis (from a lorry inner tube i acquired).
















Its been a busy month so far, so hopefully a few more updates to come very soon...........





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