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Part 4




Fuel Tank, Filter and Pump Installation


I was advised by Tom Newman that an electric pump arrangement would be the best option for my build, this would also allow the mechanical pump to be removed from the block and a blanking plate installed with a vent pipe fitted.

The vent pipe is to allow the crank to breath more freely, 383Cu upgrades create more crankcase compression due to the longer stroke and in some cases the addtional compression can blow seals.


The first job was to find a suitable position on the chassis to mount the Holley Blue top pump and can type filter, i wanted to keep the option of refitting/using the spare wheel carrier, alot of conversions remove the carrier and use run flat tyres on teh Vette.


I placed all the rear components in place, fuel tank, shroud and spare wheel carrier and marked out the free space, due to the restrictions in hight under the chassis due to the angled edge of the shroud i had to fabricate brackets to hang/fix the pump and filter.











The pump on the new braket on the chassis, the tank was refitted to check the fuel line route and shroud.





















The filter and pump fitted on the brakets and mounted on the chassis, the pump came with a small rubber mounting strip to insulate the metal bracket from the chassis, i made additional ones from the fuel filter bracket, filter mount and pump bracket from a HGV inner tube, these should insulate the vibration.












The fuel tank wiring consists of a 12+ and earth, these are taken from the tank back to the centre gauges, the loom can be disconnected from the rear loom, the earthing on the tank is a flimsy connector that is easily broken, i diconnected the loom to fix this a few weeks ago and put the loom so safe i cant find it, they are not expensive but the time it takes to deliver would hold up the project so i decided to make a new one.











The anti squeek strips that fit under the tank were in poor condition, i cut new ones from the inner tube i had, these made a great substitute and create a nice cushion for the tank to sit on.





















The new loom made up of crimped and soldered (to be safe) connectors insulated with electrical tape.















The shroud was refitted and the tank is now complete, i have a coil of stainless steel braided -AN6 hose and need to purchase the hose fitting to complete the connection of the fuel lines.









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