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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 5




Heater matrix



The heater and A/C were next to clean up and fit new seals once the heater unit had been cleaned and checked.


I started by refitting the blower, this had been cleaned down and painted with POR15, i tested the motor and cleaned up the fixings.










The fan was refitted and the electrical connections cleaned.



















The motor refitted with the 12+ wire and supressor fitted.


The earth is taken from a connector which is fitted through the mounting bolt.



The housing has been smoothed out and colour coded to the engine bay/firewall.


















The close up shows the earth connector at 12 o'clock and the cool air hose between the A/C box and motor chassis, this is fitted to allow cool air to enter the motor armature from the A/C box to prevent overheating.















Next was the interior side, the heater rad and housing was next to be stripped, cleaned and checked. After standing for several years the unit was still in good order, the usual bits had been blown into the unit and the 'doors' that control the flow had rusted.











The heater housing, this consists of several peices that all unbolt to allow you to remove the internal components and service the unit.






















The top view shows the vacuum unit that controls the air flow through the box.





















The heater was removed from the housing in the steel support, you have to juggle the pipes through the housing, the flow control flap is removed by sliding the retainer (small flat peice of metal on the top) out of the groove, the flap can then be slid out and cleaned up.



















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