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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 6




Heater matrix




The flow control flaps were all stripped from the ducting and preped for painting, any metal fixings and brackets were also stripped and painted.


After cleaning the ducting down with white spirit i trial fitted the pices back in order dry fitting the seals to ensure everything went together correctly, i noticed when i stripped the ducting that bubba had used duct tape to connect some joints.














Bubba's attempt at sealing the ducting with duct tape





















The heater matrix fitting back into the steel housing with the deflector cleaned and primed.



























The ducting laid out ready to clean and assemble.





























The ducting trial fitting to ensure all the parts fit well and will assemble correctly when installed in the car.





























View from behind the heater matrix
























With the heater and ducting sorted i turned my attention to the chassis and body, these have to be reunited to transort the Vette to the spray shop.


The next pages will show the process for 'body on' and bolt down.











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