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April 2010

Part 1







In April's installment i will be making up seating brackets to fit the new Recaro seats, the orginal seats were very tatty and suffering from rust on the frame and springs, these are also well known for being uncomfortable, the Recaro's will give more support and a comfortable ride.











Recaro's as i purchased them, they were originally from a Ford Fiesta RS.



First job, strip the seats...
























The seats were stripped and the baulsters checked, most seem to be good with minimal wear, i did have to replace the bottom drivers side baulster.


The webbing in the seat base was fine, the next next step was to lower the seats.



















The seats stand quite high off the floor in a Fiesta, the Corvette has alot less head room so the seat had to be lowered in order to fit and leave enough headroom.



I removed the adjustment/fixing part from the seat base, next i cut into the 'tray' along the spot welds to begin the lowering process.



I cut the base down (on the left of the picture) by 30mm, the base was then welded back onto the seat bottom.

















The seat base was then wire wheeled and given two coats of undercoat and two coats of satin black.


















The seats were then taken to Nicks Trimming for some new leather trim.















The seats were trimmed in midnight blue, dove grey with dove grey piping, the picture was taken hours after the new covers were fitted, over the next few days the leather and foam will bed in and look better.





















Next job was to fabricate some new bases to mount the seats....







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