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Part 2







Next job was to fabricate some new bases to mount the seats, the seats in the Vette dont sit perfectly square in the car, this ment i had to physically load the seat into the car to check dimensions to get the driving position lined up and make sure the seats fitted correctly as they are a tight fit!










The front bracket was welded on, from my initial placement of the seat (track was bolted back onto the seat and seat aligned in the car), the front side nearest the tunnel seamed to be close, a bracket was welded on to give the width to use original bolt pattern.




















I then measured the location of the rear bolt holes and cut two lengths of 2mm steel 225mm long x 40mm wide, the track was then placed back in the car to check alignment and mark the fixing points of the new peices on the track.



















I tacked the new peices on the track, aligned teh holes and all seemed to be good, you have to make sure the track is square to the opposite side, there is movement in the rails! 



Once i was happy i welded up the peices and check again with the track bolted to the seat.




















Once the weldeing was complete i wire wheeled the whole track...























...and primed the track ready for some satin black paint.



There was no point in going into details of all the measurements in this post as all seat bases are different and will require custom fabrication, but i hope this has given people an idea of how to approach this kind of fixing problem.


















Heres the seat and the new track/fixing, hopely iwill get the trim peice through the post this week, once the windscreen and trim is fixed i can install the carpet and seats.























Before i fitted the front carpets and seats i wanted to get the windscreen fitted, i have dry fitted the screen and trims and all seemed to be good.











First job, get the corner mouldings fitted, the four screws were removed and a bead of SIkaflex was applied around all the mating surfaces, i made sure there was plenty on to seal the mouldings from water.



















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