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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 3




WIndscreen and Paint



With the corner mouldings in place, sealed and screwed in the next job was to fit the 'T' top stainless steel trim.











Again Sikaflex was used around all the mating edges to seal the trim and birdcage, i also applied a small amount on the corner mouldings to seal them to the trim.






















The same on the trim peice, not enough would result in water egress, too much, i could wipe off, best to be safe :)


The small bead over the middle was just the remainder leaking from the tube.















The windscreen was fitted beded on butyl tape sealant, i sealed the outer edges with some sikaflex and fitted the side trip peices and header, pictures to follow.....



In the meantime i have been flatting and polishing the paint, for flatting i used clean soapy water and 1,200 grade to remove any bits in the laquer/runs, finished off with 1,500 grit all over with plenty of water, there are thousands of threads on paint on the net, so heres a few pics of the hood...













In the process of flatting, 1500 grit paper with lots of water and clean cloths.


This removed the orange peal and gave the paint a matt look, this made it easy to see the imperfections and wet sand them out.



















The orange peal can be seen on the right hand side of the flute, a long process of wet sanding and cleaning.




















The result of hours of cutting and polishing with G3 compound with a foam headed mop running at 2,000RPM.

























To finish i used M3 machine glaze to flatten out the small swirl marks left by the compounding, this really brought the flake out in the paint and gave it a deep shine, the picture was taken inside the garage and there is some dust on the hood, the last stage will be to wax and seal the paint.
















I've got a few more hours to put in on the front end before the final waxing, more pics to come soon :)











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