C3-Corvette Restoration

Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 1



Gauges and Dials










The speedo and rev counter, these are to be stripped from the dash housing and cleaned up, the faces will be changed to white faces when restored.



















Rear view of the speedo and rev counter, the housings come free with the removal of 4 screws per housing and the bridging peice see at the top of the picture.


















The odometer will be stripped for cleaning, as the engine is new and the car fully restored i will zero the clocks, the origanal odometer/speedo had been changed before i purchased the car and only read 2,130Klm.



First, remove the retaining clip that holds the spindle in place.


















Next remove the small spring washer from the shaft to release the barrels.



















Pull the barrels free, i made sure they were kept in order in case they were keyed in a particular way.


Note the small plastic locking peices on the metal spacers, these are the key that locks the barrels in position with each other.


The barrles were then cleaned down with soapy water and dried off.














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