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Part 1




Radiator and Fans



The new BeCool radiator and turned up, the kit comprises of an ally radiator, twin 30A fans, relays (x2) with wiring looms, sensor, rad cap, expansion tank and drain plug.










The new rad, well packaged and well made, the trans cooling has the adaptor plugs ready installed.




















Spal fans, these are rated at 2,400CFM drawing 30A each, teh relays are ready wired in water resistant cases, there is plenty of cable to reach to the battery capartment if required.
















The rad in place, the bolts that hold the fan frame in place were useless, i replaced them with some stainless bolts i had lying around, when i fitted the rad in the new surround i found it was slightly tilted to one side, i checked the rubber mounts and found them to be good, it appears the square section ally that the rad sits on was slightly out of line, i ground a few mill of this and the rad sat in perfect.


The original hold down brackets were used for the time being, i might replace these later minus the lugs for the original fan shroud.













The wiring loom and relays were installed next, i mounted the relays on the inside of the wheel arch on the drivers side, this was so i could take a switched earth from the iginition, earth from the frame, the 12+ from the starter motor routing the wires through the nex dusting, the feed could then be routed to the fans through the headlight loom ducting and earthed on the frame, this should make a tidy job of the wiring.













A few minor changes to the loom that hooks up to the fans, i cut down the wiring on the earth leads and crimped some round connectors on, these will earth on to the frame, sheathing and heat shrink was fitted to protect the wiring.















I also installed another wire from the alternator to the starter, the original alternator was rated at 73A, the new one is rated at 140A, this could cause overload/heat problems on the original cable, a seperate cable (8 SWG) along side will split the load safely.









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