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Part 2




Headers and Exhaust



After much deliberation on whether to have headers manufactured in teh UK or import from the states i came across XS Power, the write up was on Digital Corvettes webste, the guy manufactures them in the states and sells through his website, ebay and imports to a company by the same name in Wales.

I emailed the UK supplier to discuss the spec etc, these sounded good and had recieved good reports on the US forums, i purchased a pair and they arrived 3 days later.








The stainless steel header, these have teh bronze coloured welds showing, after a quick polish over with a buffing wheel the welds come up bright as the stainless header.


A slight dent was applied to the left side to pass the steering ram, so adjustments will always we required as all vettes are different and were never aligned spot on.




















The right side fitted, the Edlebrock angled plug heads were causing me concern as the plugs can snag on the headers, the tightest plug is the number 2 cylinder, this should be OK when shorty plugs and heat resistant boots are fitted.






















The right side fitted, the side pipes that come with the kit are the same size as the ones i took off, mine original ones have only done a few hundred miles and are as good as new, the brackets on the chassis are made to fit, luckily mine slotted on with no problems.























Left side fitted, all thats need now is to bolt up the side pipes to the chassis and polich the stainless.

























With the headers fitted i could fit the brake booster, these nuts can be a pain to fit as the studs are so far under the dash, i used a few extension bars and a knuckle to gain access.





















Brake booster fitted


















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