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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 3



Stripdown & Cleanup



I finished sandblasting and cleaning up the rest of the suspension and preping for POR.








The diff and mounting brackets painted, these were done inside the house, it was so cold i was concerned about the paint curing and it hard to keep warm when your only using a brush.













Some more of the suspension, half shafts, prop shafts etc.


The front springs are difficult to clean up especially the insides, i found that by tipping them at 45deg. and rolling them while sandblasting i could get the insides blasted more effectively, the same technique was used to paint them.


Before i painted the track rod arms i un-screwed the ends, cleaned the threads and greased them, i then taped them up to prevent the paint getting in the threads.


I ordered new polly bushes for the 'A' arms, mounts and universal joints, they will be fitted in the new year.







The brake callipers were in need of a good clean and recon, i stripped down to the pistons and found the seals were suprisingly good and the linings were stainless linned.





I ordered a new seal kit and cleaned up the outer housings with a wire wheel, the bleed nipples were rusted solid, after soaking them in penetrating fluid for a few days i managed to remove all but one, this was so corroded it sheered and had to be drilled out and the thread re-tapped.


Once the pistons , seals and bleed nipples had been removed the casings were flushed through with clean brake fluid to flush away any dirt and debris, special attention was given to the stainless cylinders and fine pipeways between the cylinders and callipers, this is were dirt can get lodged and dampage the new seals once the brakes are in use and fluid is flowing under pressure.







The picture shows the calliper being built up using new seals, always check the condition of the piston and the seat where the seal fits the recess should have clean undamaged sides to allow the seal to work properly.


Fitting the dust cap seals can be tricky as they are a tight fit, i used two small screwdrivers to work the seal round in the channel while holding the edge in place, always use plenty of clean brake fluid while building up the pistons and seals.


There are small 'O' rings to seal the pathways between the two calliper halves, mine had rust and debris in the seal, this was cleaned thouroghly before the 'O' rings were fitted as this is a prime place for leaks (fluid out, air in).





With the brakes rebuilt i started to clean the bonding of the firewall and carry out repairs, the heater/A/C box was also removed and cleaned up.








Cleaning off the bonding on the firewall was a tedious job, the front clip had obviously been off before and the wrong type of bonding used, instead of Fusor which cures more like a hard rubbery adhesive, a type of cement had been used which was solid, some was chiseled off with the remainder sanded of with a flapper wheel on a drill.


Care was taken not to damage the fibreglass as the bonding strips are quite thin and frigile when they are not bonded to anything.









The heater/A/C box was stripped down to check and clean the motor and paint.


I stored the A/C unit as i don't intend re-fitting it, mainly because the weather in the UK rarely gets hot enough to warrent it and i don't see the point in refurbing components that won't be used.

The A/C also saps hourse power (altho not much) but more importantly reduces MPG.


When the box was opened i was amazed at the amount of dirt, leaves and other debris that had collected inside.









The motor was stripped down, tested and painted in POR black.


















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