C3-Corvette Restoration

Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 1



Body Work


With the body preped it was time to take it to the spray shop for some primer, my friend who has helped out with the body prep has contacts at a local spray shop and the use of the spray booth, so a big thanks to Ian and Simon at Auto Body Tec in Sandiacre, Nottingham for the use of your facilities.








The first job was to place the body in the spray booth and slowly bring the temp up to 50degs, the body was left to 'cook' for 30mins before lowering the temp, this will dry out the fibreglass and get rid of any moisture.



Next some masking off of the cockpit, engine bay ect.



An epoxy twin pack primer was used to lay down a good bond for the primer to adhere to.

















The first 2 coats of epoxy twin pack going on, the paint was thinned to allow it to penetrate the fibreglass for maximum adhesion and coverage.


The paint was applied at 23deg C, each coat was allowed to flash off for 10mins before the next coat was applied.






















Fletch made sure that all the fibreglass was well covered, due to the toxins in the paint a full face air fed mask was used.
























The next stage was the high build primer, again a twin pack paint which will help smooth the fibreglass and cover minor inperfections, three coats were applied with a 10min flash off time inbetween each coat.
















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