C3-Corvette Restoration

Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 2



Body Work


With the body now coated in 2 coats of epoxy and 3 coats of high build primer we left the body to bake for 30 mins, next the engine bay.











The body was masked off and a coat of 'wet on wet' primer applied, the engine bay had already had a high build primer, the wet on wet is a primer to aid adhesion of the base colour.

















Fletch gets to work with the first coat of base colour.






















How many coats?



Two............................. OK.























Two coats of base coat, now just the clear to apply.























Not a very good photo, but the engine bay was clear coated using Standox scratch resistant clear which gives a very high glossy finish and retains this high gloss look for years, the bay will be finished using 1,500grit followed by 3,000grit and buffed using ferecla compound.












I am really please with the finish so far, up to now the body work has taken me approximately 100hrs, this is mostly down to inexperience and partly down to settling for nothing less than perfection, aesthetically the whole project will rest on the finish of the body work and paint.



Big thanks to Fletch for his time, effort and putting up with me being so fusy.










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