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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 2



Chassis Rebuild



I fitted the wheels and rolled the chassis out to fit the brake callipers, new stainless brake lines and pipes.









I used new bolts with some copper grease to secure the brake callipers, this will help if i need to remove them again at a later date.








































With the callipers fitted i installed the new stainless steel brake lines, i purchased a new set of clips, the old onse would take time to clean up and the new clips are cheap enough.


The new lines that are pre-bent into shape fitted very well, a few tweeks around some of the tight corners and the brake lines were on, i found it easier to fit the lines then the proportioning valve then tighten the clips, this allows you 'fine tune' the position without bending the lines or putting stress on the couplings.














I fitted the new stainless handbrake cable and connected up the brake shoes, very simple and easy job.














After spending weeks looking for replacement parts for the birdcage the replacement parts were on thier way






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