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Part 1




Doors and Windshield



With the doors and windows fitted i am happy that the new windscreen frame alignments are OK to go ahead and fit the windscreen glass and mouldings, after reading several websites, forums and my AIM i was ready to start.






When i removed the windscreen many moons ago i noticed there were no clips screwed to the frame, some forums claim that the '77 may have been fitted with clips but not screwed to the frame, some state the clips were never fitted, either way i purchased some.


The first job was to see how the clips held the peices in place and the clearances they needed when screwed to the frame, the clips have a longer leading edge that sits up inside the top stainless steel trim, this will determine hwere the clip has to fit in relation to the frame and larger 'T' top stainless moulding.


The AIM gives dimensions but checking against the trim peices is always a good idea.








I sat the corner mouldings in place and checked they were sitting flat and toching the frame along the front, rear and side edges, fixing a couple of screws loosley to hold the mouldings in place.


Using my new 'e-bay specials' suction cups i lifted the screen in place, with the screen rested in place i packed the top, corners and bottom with 6mm packers to simulate the butyle bead that will seal the windscreen in place.


Clipping the 'T' top moulding over the frame you can get an idea of how the trim will fit, i then used the clips to fasten the two peices of trim together and positioned it in place to get an idea of how the trim fitted in relation to the windscreen height.







This is a handy exercise before screwing the clips into place as all the above have a bearing on how well the trims will fit when you have finished.




No visable on the photo's is the bottom of the windscreen, the glass is laminated, with the car standing for so long there is some discolouration inbetween the laminates, this along the bottom edge and is visable due to the black decal on the inside of the glass.




To solve this problem i used a decal along the outer bottom edge of the glass, this will cover the dicolouration and will not get touched by the windscreen wipers.





The decal was cut and fitted by a friend who owns ID Signs http://www.id-signs.net/index.html worth checking out for any tyrp of decals or sign writting.






Pictures to follow shortly...





























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