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Part 2




Interior and Gauges



Taking a break from the windscreen and trims as i have spent along time trying to get alignment right i thought i would come back to that when i have had some time away from it.


So... on with other jobs, the bonnet was fitted back to check alignmnet and clearances, i wanted to fit some gauges like the fuel pressure and trans gauges under the lip of teh bonnet so they could be seen through the windscreen, the trans gauges are 2 5/8 which are to big to mount under the bonnet without interfering with the windscreen wiper arms, the fuel pressure and digi tach and shift light at 2 1/8" will fit, so thats a job for another day.


The trans temp and pressure gauges would have to be mounted in the car, i didnt have any plans to install a traditional radio/cd player:

A) Because the car will not be a daily driver.

B) Why have any sound interfer with the sound of a V8 :)

C) I will use an IPOD or similar device should the need for additional audio be required, this can easily be achieved by fitting a docking station and link it to an amp in the rear of the car.


So i have a hole where the radio used to fit, which bubba cut away at to fit a tray to slot the old radio in and out, this with some minor adjustments would be a perfect home for the new gauges.










Starting of with a cardboard pattern of the slot i marked out and cut 3 holes, trans temp, trans pressure and a 2 1/8" vacuum gauge hole.



















Starting with a sheet of ally (aircraft grade ally from a friend) i cut the shape out and checked the fit.























Once the ally was the correct shape i marked out the holes, not having a hole saw i had to go the long way and drill around the template and then use a file to get the cirular shapes near as i could.

















I lined up the ally with the slot in the consol and drilled out the holes in line with the faulse hex head bolt holes in the plastic.



I gave the ally a coat of primer, top coat and laquer to match the existing consol.

















Next i lined up the new ally peice with the slot in the consol and marked the holes where the gauges would fit, using a file i 'opened' up the slot to accept the gauges.





















With the gauges installed in the new ally housing i routed the feeds and hoses through the firewall using the hole originally for the cruise hoses and bolted it in using hex head bolts.


Now i just need to tap a feed from the backlighting on the gauges above.


















One more job done....




On to the next :)





















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