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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 1



Chassis Rebuild



The first stage of the chassis rebuild was to rebuild the rear suspension, install the diff and half shafts.






Anyone who has delt with a diff will tell you there are heavy and hard to align when working alone, for this part of the rebuild i would suggest some helping hands, altho it is possible if your as stubborn as me!


With new polly mounts and clean greased bolts the diff was on, the struts followed (these will be aligned later).



The leaf spring is also difficult to fit single handed but if you sit under the chassis using your knees as support once you have two of the four bolts in the rest is easy.










The diff mount was fitted using a new polly bush and bolt kit, i used a spare washer to give better support on the under side of teh mount, the kit comes with one.

















You can see from the picture the poor condition of the brake discs, i removed the inner and out bearings and races beofre sandblasting them.



It is worth noting that if you are replacing the bearings you should replace the races at the same time, the bearing beds into the race to form a tight fit, old races with new bearings will not seat correctly and leave the bearing vunerable to damage and possible scoring of the housing.










The bearings can be hard to push out, i used a socket on an extension bar to push the bearing thro keeping it square to avoid damaging the bearing seat.



Once the bearings and races were out i washed out the housings and seats with degreaser before examining the seats, there are easy to damage or score













The discs were then scimmed, the bearings and races were packed with grease and tapped back into place ensuring they went in true and squre to avoid damage to the housing, the socket and extension bar are handy for this job.


With the bearings packed and seated they were mounted on the spindle and the roll out was checked, according to the GM specs the rollout should be XXXXX












While cleaning up the brake components i cleaned the brake proportioning valve, these are cast from phosporous bronze which is very soft, if, like mine it is covered in gease and dirt, soak the valve in degreaser then use wire wool to clean the exterior, it can then be flushed thro with clean brake fluid.


The result is a shinney, like new look.













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