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Part 3



Brake Disc Rebuild



With the front and rear suspension fitted i moved on to the brake discs, these needed cleaning up, new bearings and the runout checking.










The discs were cleaned up and the old bearings and races removed, the hub has to be spotlessly clean before installing the races and bearings.













I do not have a grease packing machine for the bearings so i used the old fashioned method.


With a handfull of wheel bearing grease rolled into a ball i pushed the bearing into the grease, rotating the bearing as it sinks into the grease, turn the bearing and repeat.


This method should pack the bearing and ensure all the balls have been covered in grease


The housing was also packed with grease and the races inserted, then the brearing, the 'dust cap' is the last part to be fitted, this needs to be gently tapped into position with a socket of the same size to ensure it fits square in the hub, this component is easily damaged.






With the bearings fitted it was time to check the runout, you can see from the picture that this side had a 0.001" runout, the oppersite side had 0.003" runout.

This is within the recommended tolerance of 0.005", anything above this could lead to the disc catching the brake discs, above 0.01" and vibration will be felt throughout the car and through the steering wheel when braking.


You can also see the new bolts fitted in place of teh rivets securing the disc to the hub, these were replaced when the disc was removed for scimming to remove rust pits from the disc surface.

Torqued to 15Nm these made a neat job and also would allow any shimming to the hub/disc to compensate for runout.






Next month i tackle the birdcage, after spending 2 months sourcing replacement parts they arrive and one of the most difficult parts of the restoration begins.


















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