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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 1



Body Work



With a alot of hours of flatting ahead of me it is crucial that the high build is perfect for the top coat, i also need to prep the underside of the bonnet, this was left rough with fibreglass strands showing by the previous restoration, proberbly due to bonnets having an insulation/fireproof linning fitted that hide the fibreglass.

I want the underside to look as good as the top, i think there's nothing worse than opening the bonnet to reveal a stunning engine/engine bay and a tatty underside to the bonnet.








The steel mesh was removed from the inside of the vents, this will be replaced with new once the bonnet is sprayed.



The lip around the top of the bonnet was fillerd and smoothed with the rest of the edges, this is just to tidy up the join between the external fibreglass and the fibreglass 'frame'.
















Two coats of gel coat were applied and sanded back once dry, if i was going to do this again i would source a more 'liquid' type of gel coat to get a smooth finish from a spray gun rather than the brush on which required sanding back.




















The top was block sanded with 400grit and the small blemishes were repaired with stopper, this is now ready for the high build to be applied to the underside and a dust coat and final sand over with 500grit on my DA.



The inside faces of the vents were very tricky to get at, but being a feature of the bonnet needed to be right.
















The rear of the bonnet, there are slight blemishes on the high build that show up as slightly darker in colour, these will come out when the dust coat is applied and sanded back with 500 grit paper.















Busy at work and the freezing weather is not helping progress at the moment, but warmer weather and lighter nights are on the way, during February i hope to get the highbuild primer sanded back, dust coat applied and flatted back on the body and set the T tops and inside the bonnet preped for the spray shop.


I also want to get the trailing arm bushes replaced, suprisingly bubba replaced the rear bearings but not the bushes, run out has been checked and alls fine.


I also want to get the gauges preped and referbished ready for the interior refit.







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