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Part 1




Doors and Windshield


Due to the freezing conditions after Christmas work has been slow, i have fitted the doors and locks and now dry fitting the windscreen and trims.


Because of the repairs/new front part of the bircage i have to double check all trims and mouldings, these were fitted by hand in the factory so many holes do not line up as every Vette is slightly different.



Before i started with the windcsreen and mouldings, i wanted to ensure the frame was lined up right, i installed the old window glass to allow the windows to be raised and check against the front and rear parts of the frame (where the seals will fit).













With the checks on the glass complete i fitted the lock mechanism and control rods, the whole assembley was first cleaned and a coat of metal primer applied.



















Fitting was simple and using common sence everything fits where and as you would expect, check the lock control mechanism by pulling the latch part to open, connect the control rods when you have adjusted the lengths to suit, you should then find the intermediate component (botton right) does not hit the stops before the lock is active and vise versa.















Short month this time, bad weather, heavy work load and waiting on parts has made progress very slow...roll on summer!








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