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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 1



Doors and Clip



After months of searching the net and calling US scrap yards/breakers i found a pair of 77 doors, later door would have been fine as the only real differance is the location of the internal door handle and power lock mech, all these doors have the holes for either fittings.










Thed doors were packed on a pallet with bubble wrap, carpet and cardboard, crude but effective.




















The first job was to strip out the bits left internally, bolts and remove the rubber seals, then sandblast the internal skin to see the condition of the doors.














After sandblasting i looked over the doors checking the most vunerable areas for rot, these areas include the bottom of the doors (where the drain hole can be seen), hinge locations and along the top strip where the weather strip sits.


The door were in good condition, the only place that needed some attention was the door external skin had pulled free fom the bottom edge, this was fixed with Fusor 127EZ.

















The doors were then given 2 coats of metal primer and the repair to the outer skin repaired with Fuzor and clamped in place.


















The fibreglass outer skin was then sanded back ready for priming with the bodywork, i used a block and 80 grit and finished of with 240 grit, i found using a DA (dual action air sander) that i didnt have the control to get true lines and didnt want to cut into the fibreglass or introduce hollows and ripples into the outer skin.












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