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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 2



Doors and Clip



The main reason the body work had been put on hold was the fact that i needed to doors to re-align the clip, after completly replacing the front of the birdcage there was always the posibilty that the new front end was not going to follow the same lines as the old, so the fixing of the clip was going to be a long excerise of trial fits and adjustments, the delay in the doors arriving did allow me time to strip the paint from most of the body.









The doors for a Vette even when the internals have been stripped are heavy and big to handle, working single handed i used a heavy duty jump lead which fitted in the external door hadle perfectly, tighed off to the roof joist allowed me to take the weight at the rear while installing the hinges (the picture shows the doors pre-cleaned up).
















The firewall was sat in place and secured with clamps and bolts through the floor pans, this fitted perfect which was nice consolation considering the work done to the birdcage.















The clip was then slid into place and bolted up to the chassis at the front.


The aim was to check the fit of the clip, firewall, door gaps

and ensure the body mounts align (as 2 of the 4 were 'new').


















The door gaps looked quite good, there was a slight missalignment in the width dimension, this was partly to door adjustment and the new birdcage, a skim of filler eitherside of the doors gaps would have this looking good.

















The next step was to mark up all the locations so when the front end is disassembled to apply Fuzer and rivets we can reinstall quickly, i have decided to use stainless steel rivets and Fuzer 127EZ for fixing the firewall to birdcage and Fuzer for the clip to firewall.














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