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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 3



Doors and Clip








Some restorations i have seen on the net have used fuzer and a sealer when fixing the firewall, Fuzer is an adhesive and sealant in 1, it never cures rock hard and has a rubbery feel to it even when cured, i also planned on sealing the internal edges with a sealant and seam sealer.


The Fuzer was laid down along the door pillars and along the bottom of the windscreen frame and floor plans.

















The Fuzer can be seen squeezing out from the joints, once all the rivets are in place this will be cleaned up and seam sealer applied.




















Next the Fuzer was applied to the bonding strips around the firewall, Fuzer is available in different cure times, i used the 40 minute work life, this was just about right as manipulating the clip into place and securing the straps and packers can be time consuming when checking the door gaps and aligning the the clip with the body.





















The primer on the inside of the clip was taken to the origanal bonding lines, this was a good indication of where the clip should fit, the actual fit was around 8mm out, this is easily taken up by the movement in the body mounts and front chassis securing bolt holes.


















The clip fitted and strapped into place, this will be left now for a few days to completely cure, in workshop conditions with heating this would be cured and ready to go within the hour, in typical English summers this could be alot longer!












Next month i plan to tackle the gauges and clocks, this will be a strip down and clean up of all the cockpit gauges.





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