C3-Corvette Restoration

Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 1







I peiced together the center consol (lower peice) after the clean up and re-paint in aluminium silver, window switches, trans shift marker and heater controls bolted in place.








I couldnt resist trying the consol in place to see how it was going to look, the gauges need calabrating, then i will fix them in place as well, should look nice with the white gauge faces and blue backlights.




















One from the passenger side.


















I spent along time stripping and cleaning all the connections in the loom, this is a long boring job, but needs to be done, i also had to remove some scotch locks and solder the wires where teh indicator conversion had be done on the rear.


The rear loom was quite badly bubba'd, i had 4 hours work striping back the tape, cleaning wires, connectors and soldering up bad connections.










After stripping out bubba's handy work i re-taped the loom and routed it through some convaluted ducting and re-attached the earths.


To complete the loom i used heat shrink tubing on the connectors and joints, this is great to work with and leaves the loom looking like a pro's job.


















Next i started to connect all the connectors at the rear, in the cockpit and in teh engine bay ready for attaching the battery and hoping the fuses dont all go POP!

















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