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Part 3






I haven't had alot of spare time in the past few weeks, the time i have had has been spent reading up on electrics, i needed to build up the center gauge cluster and speedo/tach.


I found alot of good info on the US forums about gauge testing and set up, Willcox Corvette has some good 'How to..' files on their website here.


I wired up the ignition loom, heater and air con loom and engine bay, this is very time consuming, i wanted to hide the wiring as much as i could so the engine bay would look tidy.











The wiring being routed behind the engine through ducting clipped to the firewall.



















Fuse box reinstalled, next step to connect the two parts of the loom, headlights, indicators and horn on one loom, wipers etc on the other.

The 12V+ comes through from the starter to the looms at this location.



















Ducting installed with the starter wires cloaked in heat resistant sheathing.













I have a delivery arriving early next month so im hoping to get a few new bits to bolt on and progress the project :)











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