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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 2



Engine Rebuild



After the clearing work was complete and the block, water and oil gallery's and bolt threads cleared the block was thoroughly washed through, pistons, con rods, bearing etc were all cleaned down to remove all trace of contaminates.


When the block was rebored i took the pistons to the machine shop so they could be checked as the rebore was carried out, the Keith Black website stipulates that the piston to wall clearance should be 0.002" - 0.0025" for hyper pistons.

The next step was to check the piston ring gaps, with hyper pistons it is important that the compression ring (top ring) has the correct gap as these pistons retain alot of heat in the crown of the piston, the formular to work out the correct gap clearance for the top ring is bore x 0.0065, i.e. in my case 4.030" x 0.0065 = 0.0262.










Each ring was numbered to the corrisponding bore and checked, adjusted and the burs removed.






















With the rings gapped i set to building up the pistons, con rods and rings, soaking each in a bath of oil to help install the rings and using engine build up grease on the bearings and pins it was a messy job.























Using a piston ring compressor the pistons were installed, care was taken when lowering the con rods through the bore so to avoid damage to the crank journals, some engine builders use rubber sleaves over the rods/bolts (depending on the bolt arrangement of the end caps).













I went with a new oil pump and pick up as this it is crucial this is 100% in good order, i have seen posts were engine builders have ground out the inside of the cap to get better flows through the pump, not being an expert i left well alone, packed the gears with some engine build up grease and bolted it back together.


The pick up is a compression fit, there are tools availble for fitting these but they are basically like an open ended spanner to fit over the shoulder of the pump while it is 'driven' into place.


I put the oil pump on a radiator and the pick up in the freezer overnight, used alot of grease and ensured the two were square before tapping the pick up into place.








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