C3-Corvette Restoration

Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 1








The next stage is to get the sound deadning/heat shield in the car, before installing the heater matrix and wiring, i opted to purchase a roll of sound deadning from Martrim in Sandbach, Cheshire, these guys stock a variety of grades along with leather, vinyl etc.










I set up a bench to measure and cut the material, a good surface to work on is a must as this material is thick and needs alot of pressure and a good knife to cut it clean.



















I cut a peice for the offside roughly to size, then shaped the material in the corners and footwell.





















Once the offside was cut to shape i started on the nearside, trying to cut one peice and shape was hardwork, so i decided to cut this side in two peices.






















Once i had the shape i tried the peices in, trimmied up the edges and both sides were ready to glue into place.

I used the recommended contact adhesive supplied by Martrim, which looks, smells and works just like Evo-Stik........


















The material stuck in the footwell, i managed to wrap the material up the tunnel walls and will cut fillets to infill the top, i found that sticking the material down starting at one end and sticking it down in stages allowed me to make small adjustments throughout.


Once the glue had dried i poked a srewdriver through the seat mounts from underneath, i could then cut out a square to 'let in' the seat mounts.










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