C3-Corvette Restoration

Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Information on Steering columns, power steering pumps etc.


For some indepth strip down and rebuild articles and drawings check out Jim Shea's pages











Downloadable Papers



Vacuum Advance -   

Distributor Vacuum Advance Control Units Specs & Facts for GM Distributors


A very helpful paper describing how the vacuum works and how to set up the unit for best performance (Credit to author, Lars).




Timing -

How to Set Your Timing for Max Performance


A paper describing how to set up your timing for peak performace (Credit to author, Lars).




Holley Carbs -

Holley Carb Paper


A paper describing how to set up your Holley Carb, step by step instructions on setting up a Holley Carb, the paper also gives a brief description of each circuit and the effects on performance (Credit to author, Lars).





Holley Carbs -

How to Resolve Holley SA Stumble Issues


A paper describing how to resolve common stumble issues with Holley Street Avenger Carbs (Credit to author, Lars).








More to follow




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