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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 3



Birdcage Repairs



With the birdcage repaired and sandblasted the next step was to get some paint on, after degreasing and preping with metal ready i applied two coats or POR 15, i didnt use chassis black as the majority of the birdcage is either behind the firewall or trim so the slight discolouration from UV wouldnt be a problem.










The floor pans inside and out were also sanblasted, they appeared to be galvanised, so the sandblasting would give a good key for the POR.



















The underside of the transmission tunnel was very oily, after sandblasting i used a de-greaser before spraying.




















The door pillars were given an extra coat inside and out as these are vunerable if water penetrates the firewall or seals.























Once the POR has cured i used a rubberised stone chip on the inside and outside of the floor pans, this would give protection from stone chips on the underside and provide some sound insulation.




















The rubberised stone chip was applied with a air tool designed for the job, these tend to 'splutter' the solution out giving an uneven 'bobbly' finish.














Now the birdcage is finished next month i will be cleaning up the firewall and body mounts.






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