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Part 1






This month i have been finishing the chassis ready to refit the body and cleaning up interior parts.


I ordered some white gauge decals from http://www.whitegauges.net/catalog/ i would highly recommend these guys, the service is great and the products are good.


The only problem i encountered while dealing with the white gauge guys is down to the year/spec change in the corvette C3, upto early 1977 the centre gauges had an amp meter, the late 1977 upto 1982 had a volt meter, the gauge 'packs' dont take this into consideration, after contacting them they sent out a centre gauge decal pack for the 78 up free of charge.


I had previously stripped the speedo and tach gauges and found bubba had damaged the inner retaining housing, i ordered two more and some replacement needles and lenses.






Although the tach was working fine when the car was taken off the road, when i opened up the housing and inspected the inner workings i found a damaged resistor on the circuit board.


The larger of the resistors (20 Ohns) was rated at 2w, the nearest i cound find was a 20 Ohm 3w, i tested the tach buy setting the needle and applying 12 volts, setting the needle at 7K, i then replaced the resistor and checked again and got the same reading (7K).















With the face transfer applied i cleaned up the plastic peices and assembled in the tach.



























Tach and workings fitted ready to be re-housed

























The speedo was built up (shown in a previous post) ready for the white gauge face



























The face applied and needle set



















The bezels had oxodized around the edges and part of the inside faces (where the black matt paint is), i decided on a colour change so the bezels went in the sandblaster, i then primed them and filled the pitting and smoothed them out.



I then sprayed the bezels with an Audi aluminium silver rattle can and clear coat.



The inner housing was sprayed with plastic primer and a white gloss to compliment the white gauges, i intend to fit blue back lighting, so the white gauge and housing should reflect a cool blue backlight.









More pictures of the centre consol gauge build up on the next pages.





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