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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 2



Centre Console



I was looking at customizing the centre console a little, just enough to give the car a personal touch, i like the layout and look of the centre console so decided to change the colour to compliment the white gauges, the white faces and black trim was a strong contrast.


I had previously stripped the gauges and preped the bezel with 400grit paper and degreser.





I sprayed a plastic primer first to give the paint something to adhere to, next was a grey primer which was wet sanded back with 600grit paper, i noticed there was a few scratches showing through teh priper that may not have covered with the top coat, i used stopper to smooth out the scratches and applied another coat of primer.


With the primer sanded back i applied two coats of Audi Aluminium sliver paint and two clear coats.















The map light was cleaned up and the fork shaped connectors were cleaned back to shiney metal as these are the contacts for the bulb, i had ordered a new set of vents and seals, the seals are foam with a sticky back, the tricky part is aligning the strips in the recess and gettin the right distance from the edge so they work properly.



























The strips fitted and vents installed, i slid the retaining clips onto the centre and side walls.

























Vents fitted and a nice tight fit, these wont rattle aound or change direction while on the move.














The same process was used to re-paint the lower console, this took longer as there were more imperfections due to general wear and tear.












I also cleaned and painted the cigarette compartment lid and fitted a new heater face and clear cover.
























More pictures of the centre consol gauge build up on the next pages.





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