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Part 3



Centre Console Gauges



The housing and gauges had already been stripped, sandblasted, primed and painted (post previously), the next step was to fix the white gauge faces.









The first step was to key the white satin paint finish, i used 400grit paper to gentley wet sand around the face, this not only cleaned the face, removed and small imperfections but gave a nice key for the faces to adhere to.

















I'm going to fix the oil pressure face in these pictures, first i sprayed the back plate with water with a small amount of washing up liquid in it.


I then dispensed any excess water off the face before removing the backing paper from the gauge transfer, i laid the transfer on the face in the approximate location and slid into position.


Using a dry cloth i smoothed out any excess water and air bubbles from under the transfer, once i was happy it was in the right place i used a hair drier to dry it out fully.

















I then drilled through the face and the mech/electrical movement to re-fix the face to teh body, i drilled out the rivets to allow me to sandblast and paint the faces without damaging the components.





















The clock was the same process, i had previously stripped and cleaned the interior to ensure the mech was clean and no stripped cogs (as they are mainly poly/plastic) i removed some paint from the housing to allow the electrical connection to earth (clock has 1 connection stud)





















The diagram above shows the electrical connections to each gauge, i have also added the insulated areas, i found this handy when i was setting the needles back on the gauges.




The fuel gauge requires a 12v (ignition feed) and earth, i then attached the other two connections to the tank and earth, by tipping the fuel tank upside down and back i could watch the needle move to full and empty, this set the needle and checked the tank sender was working correctly.


The volt gauge was simply attached 12v pos and neg and fit the needle at 13v (centre).


I still have to fit the oil and temp senders and needles, they will follow next month.




More updates to the console and gauges next month, i will also be fitting the engine, starter, flexplate, TC and gearbox, so stop by and have a look!





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