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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 1




Windscreen & Trim



The windscreen and trims have caused me some headaches trying to get everything aligned and looking correct, those who have followed the renovation will know that the whole front of the birdcage was cut out and replaced with a donor cage from a scrapped vette.


I refitted the windscreen and checked the fitting along on the top rail, the screen was slightly proud on the drivers side, i dry fitted the corner mouldings and trims, then installed the T tops to check how it all lined up.



The drivers side appeared to be slightly lower in the corner confirming my fears that the frame had moved during installation, it would have been difficult to check the alignment perfectly during the weld up, to rectify this i had to slice into the upper rail and drivers side upright to bend the top corner out by 6mm, this, when i tried the trim and T tops back in had solved the problem and now needs welding up.












Not the best photo to show the problem, but this is the dry fit to check alignment.





















This picture shows the gap under the outer edge of the windscreen frame and top rail, the weather strip has been left off to check the alignment along the top rail.


The offside was also out, this was longer on the top rail than it should be, a cut in the top rail reduced the length by around 4mm which was enough to line up correctly.




















Once the frame was aligned correctly the top stainless trim fitted better and touched the windscreen along the length at the top, the side trims fitted better and locked the top trim in.



The weather strips still have to be fitted along with the chrome trim around the T tops, this should complete the look.











The top stainless steel trim had a small kink in it on the drivers side, it doesnt stand out when the roof is installed, but, was bugging me, a new one is on order.  Once the new trim arrives the windscreen and trims will be fixed.



In the mean time i have been working on the shift light and fuel pressure gauges, i wanted to mount these under the hood so they were visible from the drivers seat through the windscreen.


The old wiper mechanism is clunky and takes up alot of room in the tray, i had to find a way to mount the pods without disturbing the mechanism.












I starded of with a peice of ally box section which had the same dimensions as the gauge pod bracket, cut out one side and started to shape it to the correct size, i used the box section to give the bracket some strength as a flat peice of 1.5mm ally would have flexed to much.






















The new peice of shaped ally and the pod bracket.
























Pair of brackets shaped, drilled and painted in satin black paint, the new brackets fit inside the pod brackets and bolt on from the inside.



















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