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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 1



Front Clip Clean up & Repairs



I have no firm data, but will stick my neck out and guess that over 50% of all C3 Vettes will have, at some time, suffered some sort of front end damage, the long bonnet and pointed nose (which can not been seen from the drivers seat) are vunerable, especially when parking.


I know mine had some damage repaired by the previous owner as well as the headlight conversion and smoothing to the nose cone joints.











I started by removing the side markers, indicators, headlights, badge and number plate.

















Removing the front grill and brackets that hold the indicators from the front crossmember.


All the steel work will be removed for sandblasting and painting.















The underside with the steel work exposed now the fibreglass underpan has been removed, this is held on 10 bolts to the steel framework and underside of the clip.



The removal of the steelwork was tricky as the nose on this particular Vette has been fixed, usually you will remove the nose cone to access the steel frame.

















The steel frame removed and sandblasted, this will be sprayed with POR15 and chassis black before refitting.



















I started to strip the paint back to allow me to examine the damage repaired by the previous owner.


The picture shows the damage to the front of the nose, side of the headlight, the left bumper and lower part of the clip.



These will be repaired using Fuser 127 and matting.













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