C3-Corvette Restoration

Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 6



Steering Column Strip & Rebuild









The rack and pinion gearing with the return spring for the igition barrel can be seen in this picture, also the steering lock bolt, this needs to locate properly when fitting the aluminium outer housing.














With the high bean/indicator plastic housing in place the indicator mech can be fitted back in the aluminium housing and the plastic lincages refitted.


Check the wiring in the mech at this stage, one of my wires had worked loose, i cleaned and re-soldered it and check with a meter.


The ignition barrel was refitted ensuring the barrel was set in the correct place before locking into place.















The indicator and highbeam mech secured in the housing with a flat head bolt.


Remember to slide the loom through the lower housing as you refit, easy mistake to make but obvious down the line.















Next the tele bar, locate the woodruff key and the inner bar correctly as this will affect the locking process.


This is the stage where the compression tool is required, i found that by holding down the spring with two screwdrivers in one hand, i could slide the split washer in with the other (it did take several attempts tho).




















The steering wheel was cleaned up and dyed using leather dye, the horn mech was fitted and bolted into place.






































In June i start the engine rebuild, new crank, pistons, rings etc to take the 350 to a 383 stroker engine !!







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