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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 1







The next step of the project is to get some paint on, i was tempted to leave the paint till last because it will get scratched no matter how carefull i am (Sods Law), but as my mate was away working for 6 weeks it was now or later, alot later.


So i went round the car with a fine tooth comb checking all the panels, doors, T tops etc and all was good.  Due to the size of the Vette my mate wasnt happy spraying the doors, T tops and bonnet in with the body as space was quite tight and overspary could be an issue, so we decided to do them seperate.











1st up the doors, T tops and bonnet, after a good blow down, degrease and clean they were positioned in the spray booth and warmed to 26degs.





















Because i had been a bit enthusiastic with my final rub down and a few scratches were still present Fletch though it would be best to give the panels a quick flash over with epoxy to smooth and prep the surface for the base coat.
























Doors given the same treatment.



























Then the base coat goes on as the epoxy has had time to 'flash off'


























The bonnet gets three coats of base leaving each the paint to flash off inbetween coats.
























Base coats on the doors and T tops.


















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