C3-Corvette Restoration

Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 2







With the doors, T tops and bonnet painted, the body was next.  I arranged a tow truck with a dolly to tow the Vette to the spray shop, when i built up the chassis, engine and box i left the prop shaft off so towing would be a problem.












After a good blow down with an air hose to remove any dust the masking off could be started.




















The car was pushed into the paint booth and the rest of the masking was completed before a wipe down with degreasing cloths.


A final wipe over with a tack rag and its ready for a coat of epoxy.

















A coat of epoxy was applied, known as wet on wet, this method is used to get a fine primer coat to cover any exposed fibreglass/repairs and/or cover any fine scratches left from the prep, once the primer is tacky the first base coat will be applied.




















The first base coat was applied, i have chosen a BMW colour, Carbon Black, this is a metallic paint with a blue pearl, in the shade the car looks black, but when the sun hits it the blue pearl 'haze' can be seen through the metallic finish.

























First coat on, two more before the clear is applied.
























Second coat on, one to go.....


























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