C3-Corvette Restoration

Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 1




More Polishing



More polishing done on the T tops, weather strips fitted and being bedded in.











Using the same process as the body and hood, the T tops were polished up ready for the weather strips and hardware.




















The T tops came up really well, i decided not to fit the liner for now, it helps with a little extra headroom, i need to decide what i'm going to do with that...



















The outer trim peices had to be cleaned up using light scotch pad, then a buff over with the metal polisher.


Trial fit these to see where the screw fixings are in relation to the trim, you dont want the trim out of line on the front or rear of the T top.


The small clips may have to be bent slightly to get them to sit and clip over the two peices, also check the screw location for the clip.












The caged nuts that hold the trim in place can get seized or crumble, mine had and did!


To get round this you would have to split the fibreglass to gain access to the inner cage, or at least cut a hole in the fibreglass to access them, i didnt want to do either, so i used plaster board fixings, these screwed into the holes and made a secure fixing for me to screw into.


The weather strip was fitted using a contact adhesive (Evostik) and taped into position to cure completely, the last job was to glue and screw the side edge, my weather strip is teh later 77 with the metal strip in the rubber, earlier would have the mounting metal work seperate to the rubber.








I then shimmed the clasps with washers to gain 5mm - 6mm extra height so i could feed the weather strip under the T top centre trim peice, this helped to gain access and start the bedding in process, Willcox corvette have some good 'How to' papers on their website.


After a week i removed some washers, adjusted the body mounted screw to lock the tops down tighter, every couple of days i nipped them up to get the weather strip bedded and the top fitting snug.






Door Weather Strip







First i ran the weather strip around teh door and taped it at intervals to check the fit, the length and how it fits to the door panel.


The rear screw hole had been bodged by the previous owner so i drilled a new hole.



















The rear 'tail' was screwed into place, the next job, screw the metal insert to the door, once this was done i could start fitting the rubber with contact adhesive (i came back to these last and glued them).


This whole process can frighten people, i was the same until i sat and worked through the process and read a few 'How to' papers, it really isnt as hard as it seems.






















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