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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 2




Weather Strips



Fitting the weather strips seams a daunting job, i wasnt looking forward to fitting them, as i said on the previous page Willcox corvette and Corvette Action Center have some good 'How to' papers on their website that cover all weather strip fitting.









I started just above the lock mechanism with the top screwed in place to ensure the length was correct.



Running a bead of contact adhesive along the door frame and rubber, let in dry until its just tacky, working on 100mm - 150mm at a time stick the weather strip in place and secure with a peice of tape, i used electrical tape as it seamed to grip well and pull free easy.


Any remaining adhesive from teh tape can be cleaned off with meths.



The rear of the door glued and taped.




















The bottom edge complete and the front edge glued and taped, the front screws also help keep the weather strip in place.


Once the weather strip had been completely fitted i allowed the adhesive to dry for apprx 1 hour. removed the tape, cleaned around the surfaces and closed the door, the stricker pin had to be moved outward to allow the door to close, this will be edged back inward over the next few weeks as the weather strip moulds to the correct shape.
















The seats and carpets have been fully fitted, im just waiting on the offside dash pad.











Offside carpet fitted, seats next.


























Drivers seat installed.











































The wheels have been reglected over the years so i decided to treat them to a referb, i used Sweeney & Sherlock in Birmingham, when i got the wheels back they were not what i expected, least said the better, their idea of a mirror finish and mine are totally different.


But, after 6hrs with a home polishing kit on a DIY drill i had them looking alot better !












I repainted the slots and the rear of the wheels with Eastwoods Chassis black gloss, this is very similar to POR, after a degrease and metal ready to prep the wheel i masked and sprayed the rear and slots, 48hrs later and a nice result.  Pics to follow...












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