C3-Corvette Restoration

Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 2



The Stripdown



With the front clip free from the body the front has to be released from the chassis, at this point it is worth mentioning that nearly all C3's have a seperate nose cone which requires a different approach to removal, mine has the nose fixed to the clip, by removing the four bolts from the front end (two each side) of the chassis and the two mounting brackets of the radiator support the clip came free.



Prior to removing the clip the front suspension was removed, by removing the spring, damper, top and bottom 'A' arms, brake callipers, disk etc the clip could be removed easily by sliding it forward with no obstructions.



These will be sandblasted, new poly bushes fitted and painted at a later date.



The bolts that secure the brake callipers were seized, i tried penetrating fluid over several days with no success, applying heat to the surrounding area also didnt help, low on options i decided to take a steel chisel and lump hammer to the bolt heads, by stricking the head with the chisel anti clockwise the shock freed the bolts and they came free.







The next step was to remove the front clip, suprisingly light the clip was removed in minutes with the help of a friend.


To remove the firewall i needed easy access in the engine bay and under the car so lifting the body off the chassis was the next stage.



Corvette C3 bodies are secured to the chassis in 8 locations (4 each side)







Body Mount 1


This is located inside the rear of the engine bay, difficult to access when the front clip, master cylinder and heater unit are fitted.















Body Mount 2


Located on in the cockpit area of the car inside the door pillar, the drivers side is easy to access once the trim has been removed, the drivers side is a bit trickier, the dash pad may have to be removed to gain access to the trim.

















Body Mount 3


Located on the front side behind the rear wheel inside a small housing, there is a small plate secured by 4 screws to remove to gain access.















Body Mount 4


Proberbly the easiest of the 4 to view and access at the back of the rear wheel, the bolt goes up thro the chassis into the body into a caged nut located at the rear of the cockpit.


To check the caged nut the carpet will need to be rolled back, you may find the two rivets that secure the caged nut will have perished leaving the cage to spin freely, the steel cup (shown in the pic) are riveted through into the fibreglass, both the rivets and the steel cup perish but are not too expensive to replace, more on these mounts later.






Once the body mounts were removed i removed the spare wheel carrier, spare wheel and steel shroud that protects the fuel tank, fuel lines were disconnected and the tank dropped down once the straps were removed (the fuel tank and shroud can be left in place and removed once the body is lifted off).


Next step, body lift and building a dolly.




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