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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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November 2009

Part 1




Engine Run In


With the cam break in complete i dropped the oil and filter a replaced with new, there were a few minor leaks to resolve but nothing more than nipping up a few nuts and bolts.


I lowered the fuel pressure to 6PSI and installed plug lead ladders to route the leads neatly and out of harms way.


During November i have focused on the carpet and interior trim, i didnt like the colours or the quality of pre-moulded 'off the shelf' carpets so decided to make up my own.


After talking to Nick from Nicks Trimming i was shown the basics of how to get a professional quality finish i purchased some quality rubber backed wool carpet and set to work.


The basic idea was to cut and fit the sides of the footwell, the tunnel has a harboard trim from the consol down, the carpet was cut and fitted inside the hardboard trim and over lapped the base of the footwell by 25mm, the outer edge (door sill) i did the same leaving enough carpet to go under the sill plate.












Passenger side, the side peices were fitted and glued in using an 'evo stick' type glue.


Using this type of glue has its pro's and con's, you start off worrying about the fit, getting the carpet in the right place, not getting glue on the wool etc, but in an unventillated garage after about an hour you dont really care want happens, make sure you have ventillation!!






















Next the middle piece is cut to size, this is like a mat and will be bound around the edges to give that crisp edge finish.


The carpet is cut approx 5mm short of the edges for the binding, the 'mat' will then sit snug on the floor pan.




















The carpet is now going off to be bound and i'll take some better pictures when they come back !

























I cut and dry fitted the rear carpets, over the rear wheel arches there are a variety of curves to overcome.

I cut the verticle sides above the arches and glued them in place, i then cut the bottom peice of the wheel arch leaving the middle peice til last, the middle peice will have the edges bound to set off the lines.


Seat belts were fitted into position to line up where the trim will sit and how to fit the carpet around them.


The rear compartment doors were stripped down and the new carpet fitted, the compartment doors were then slotted into position so i could cut the centre peice of carpet to size.











The carpet will be trimmed at the weekend some hopefully some updates in a couple of days with the carpets in place.











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