C3-Corvette Restoration

Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 2



Body Work



With the body taking shape the hardest part of the filling process was getting the filler to match perfectly with the bodywork, a good friend who is in the bodywork trade can to give me a few pointers.


To check lines/smoothness of the body you need a soft thin cloth, lay you hand flat over the body and cloth and run you hand uniformly over the body, alot of people tend to use part of their had or fingers, this wont let you feel the true shape.


After a few hours i could feel the slightest ripple, which was great i found the knack, but frustrating because now i had more work to do!











The rear end was smoothed out to remove the usual joining gap found between the body and rear section.



















The front end was smoothed and the repaired fibreglass nose was scimmed to smooth out the repair




















After spending months referbing the chassis i didnt want to take it to the spray shop on the chassis for obvious reasons, so now seemed a good time to remodel my dolly to suit.


With the dolly fabricated from 4x2 runners and 4x4 legs with 4" castors i used an engine lift to raise the body this time, suporting from the sills at the rear and front of the doors, and one strap to the front of the clip i slowley raised the body of the chassis.

















I then pulled the chassis over under the body to clear the engine lift legs, you can see the clearance was just enough to get the chassis clear.






















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