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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 1







The TH400 box has been overhauled and fited with heavy duty clutches etc, the next step was to install the temp sender into the pan.






The TCI gauge came with a sender, adaptors and fittings, the steel pan fitting required a 19mm (3/4") hole, the suggested place was on the passenger side of the pan, i wasnt convinced i had the room inside the box for the sender to protrude through, so i mounted the sender at the rear near the sump plug, it might not be degree accuarte but it will show the average temp of the oil and give notice of any heat issues within the box/coolant lines.

















The inside was secured with a nut, the outer adaptor has an 'O' ring to ensure a good seal.


























The sender installed and a shot of the gauge to be pod mounted under the bonnet cowel.




















The pan refitted and the sender routed through with the speedo cable to the engine bay.























Stainless steel braided hoses and -AN6 fittings or the coolant lines, measured, cut, fittings fitted, flushed through and ready to install.






















The coolant lines fitted, the 90 deg elbow sweeps the hose round under the engine pan where i secured it with some home made ally brackets.




















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