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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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September 2008

Part 2



Upgrading Working Conditions



Up to this point i have been working inside a 'tent', i erected a timber frame much like a carport with a heavy duty tarpaulin sheet covering the roof and the sides, this has proved to be acceptable up to now, my concerns were that the sheet took a battering in the heavy winds earlier in the year and it is not secure (theives etc).


Getting to the point were i need more space to remove the chassis again (and store in the dry), undertake bodywork (dry environment required) and more security now the engine and gear box will be fitted soon and last but not least, winter is comming.


So the rest of September was building a more secure environment and sandblast cabinet.











New garage doors made from 4x2 and shiplap boarding.





















The extended work space with Upvc sheets and shiplap boarding.




















Cabinet under construction, this is big enough to take a wheel (inc tyre) or fuel tank.

















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